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Motorcycle Accident Law

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Motorcycle Accident Law

1.      Most motorcycle accidents are other vehicle accidents that have put their part of contribution in increasing the death toll. It happens usually when the biker put the pedal to the metal in the due course of racing against the time. There are many reasons for the motor cycle accidents to take place such as rear end accidents, left turn collisions, running stop signs, running red lights, speeding, drunk drivers, out of control motor vehicles and unsafe lane changes. Sometimes, unintentionally motorcycle rider is stuck by four wheelers and is injured with deadly injuries like fractures, paralysis, brain damages, quadriplegia and many such serious injuries or even down to death.

Motorcycle accidents often result in devastating injuries such as brain injury, spinal cord injury, or even death. Motorcycle accident can leave you with serious injuries, time off from work and unpaid medical bills.

Motorcycle accidents result in a high incidence of serious injuries and fatalities. The carelessness of other drivers is frequently the cause of these accidents. Motorcycle accidents, however, can be the result of various causes. Defective parts, poor maintenance work, highway defects, and traffic control problems can give rise to causes of action against multiple defendants. If a roadway is improperly designed, constructed, or maintained, a government agency may be partially or entirely at fault for a motorcycle accident.
Motorcycle accidents can be caused for reasons other than vehicle driver negligence. Roadway defects, for example, are a common cause of motorcycle accidents. A motorcycle, with only two wheels, is intrinsically less stable than automobile and even minor defects in the design or surface of the roadway can lead to a loss of control.

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