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Truck Accident Law

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Truck Accident Law

1.      Negligence is the phrase that explicates truck accidents as in most cases there is carelessness of the drivers in a state of being drunk. Others can be as accelerating the speed of the truck, racing against the time and fatigue due to long journey, overloaded trucks, mechanical and technical problems. These all factors results in accidents no matter who becomes the victim. The serious accidents may cause brain damages, fractures, quadriplegia and paralysis or even may results in death. 


Truck Accident Causes can be caused by driver fatigue, speeding, negligent driving, overloaded trailers, shifting loads, mechanical failures, defective parts, negligent maintenance and many other causes. These regulations limit the number of hours a truck driver may drive per day or per week. These regulations were recently amended, increasing the number of hours truckers may drive. Consumer and safety groups have joined union and trucking groups in challenging these regulations, claiming that the new rules have led to an increase in accidents. Truck accident cases can be complex or against a party involved in the maintenance or loading of the truck sometimes sorting out the negligent defendants is a complicated process and therefore prompt investigation and liability analysis are crucial.

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