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Attorneys Law

An attorney is somebody who characterizes somebody else in legal matters. The matter can be business-related or any other official issue and the attorney stands and speaks on behalf of the actual person. The person is appointed by the written power of attorney as to represent the actual owner of the will. Power of attorney continues with its work and proceeding till the person dies or is replaced with another person.

A person appointed by written power of attorney and according to law by another to signify or proceed in place of that person. Powers of attorney continue to be in force until they are cancelled by the person granting the power or that person dies.

  1. Attorney-at-law
  2. Attorney at law
  3. Advocate
  4. Lawyer
  5. Mediator
  6. Solicitor
  7. Barrister
  8. Consular
  9. Power Of Attorney
  10. Attorney general
  11. District Attorney

The term Attorney General is a lawyer who represents the government, prosecutes criminal cases, defends the government from lawsuits against it, and brings civil lawsuits to implement consumer protection.
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