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1.       Debt Relief is a process of combining many debts and negotiating to pay less amount to the creditors that has been owed for the secured debts. This is applied only when a debtor has really a financial breakdown and has been documented during the application process. The creditors reduce the debts, understanding the debtor’s situation giving debt relief. The consolidation loans are the best way for debt settlement during bankruptcy.

Debt Consolidation : The most excellent known form of debt relief is debt consolidation. The principle behind debt consolidation is that combining the many small debts, many of which are very high interest, such as credit cards, under a single loan interest lowest you can get control its debt. Under the single lowest loan interest, the total cost of debt servicing, which is your total monthly payment is less than the sum of many small debts. That at least is the theory behind all programs to consolidate debts.

Debt Consolidation Loan
A debt consolidation loan’s premise is defective: You borrow money to fix a money-borrowing problem. This is supposed to reduce your debt. Banks and other lenders offer these loans because they make money. If they make money, then you lose money.Lenders loan you money at a lower interest rate than you currently pay on your debts. This saves you money on your interest charges, but it only reduces your debt if you repay it quickly. If you extend your repayment, then the interest charges add to your current debt and increase your overall debt.

A debt consolidation loan can lower your monthly payment. This helps you every month, but it will not help you over the years. The loan extends your repayment period over many years. Whereas you could have repaid your debt in 10 years without the loan, may now take 15 or 20 years with it.For Expert consultation on Bankruptcy Law you can, take advice from Debt Relief Lawyer or Bankruptcy Attorney in your area.

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