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Telemarketing Fraud Law

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Telemarketing Fraud Law

Telemarketing Fraud has always been taken as disreputable, due to its excessively and forceful tactics that are used to sell the fraud product. It is related with various swindles and frauds, such as deceitful schemes and high-charged products and services. Counterfeited telemarketing companies are said to be as telemarketing boiler rooms.

Protect yourself from being a VICTIM of a fraud or scam. Telemarketing may also be condemned as a dishonorable business practice due to the perception of high-pressure sales techniques during unsolicited calls. Telemarketing calls are often considered an annoyance, especially when they occur during the dinner hour, early in the morning, or late in the evening. Use of the telephone as an interactive standard for endorsement or promotion response also known as teleselling.
Telemarketing includes - Receiving orders, inquiries, and donation pledges in response to print and broadcast advertisements, catalogs, and direct-mail promotions, and also receiving customer inquiries and complaints.Harassed by telemarketers a warranty that the seller refuses to service. Get the best legal help to get maximum benefit of the consumer protection law. Consumer protection is a form of government regulation which protects wrong medication You have a consumer right to protest. Get that faulty appliance replaced. Sue the telephone compasses the interests of consumers. Consumer protection agency protects your right as a consumer.
Consumer protection law or consumer law is considered an area of public law that regulates private law relationships between individual consumers and the businesses that sell those goods and services.
•    Fraud
•    Privacy rights
•    Unfair business practices
•    Misrepresentation
•    Product liability
•    Consumer Issues such as-
•    Antitrust
•    Product Quality
•    Credit Financing
•    Class action
•    Consumer credit
•    Unfair Trade Practices
•    Competition policy
•    Competition regulator
•    Extended warranty
•    Food safety
•    Mandatory labeling
•    Product recall
•    Predatory mortgage lending
•    Unfair competition

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