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1.       Asbestos is an innate mineral having abnormal traits, as these are resistant to heat and corrosion. It is a mineral with long and thin fibers. These fibers are so thin that these cannot be seen with naked eyes and are present in the air. These can be inhaled as well as exhaled but while exhaling, some of these are clogged in the lungs and with time it results in inflammation and scarring.  

Asbestos mineral causes a lung disease called asbestosis and was first found in naval shipyard workers. This natural mineral is used in the products like floor tiles, building materials, insulation of pipes, vehicle brakes and so many other things. Asbestos contains the mineral fibers like chrysotile, amosite, crocidolite, tremolite, anthophyllite, actinolite. Heavy exposure in the construction industry results in asbestosis.

Asbestos is composed of minerals, known since antiquity, with long, thin fibrous crystals. The word "asbestos" is derived from a adjective meaning inextinguishable. The termed asbestos the "miracle mineral" because of its soft and pliant properties, as well as its ability to withstand heat. Asbestos products liability lawsuits have arisen most often from the following situations:

Claims brought against suppliers of raw asbestos fiber, where employees of manufacturers of asbestos products actually or allegedly had contracted asbestos-related diseases as a result of exposure to Asbestos supplied to the manufacturer. For Expert consultation on Asbestos Law you can, take advice from Asbestos Lawyer or Asbestos Attorney in your area.

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