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Child Abuse Law

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Child Abuse is an illegal and immoral offense towards a child that can be physical, emotional or sexual maltreatment or exploitation of a child of 18 or below, by a parent or another party, which is accountable for the child’s welfare, no matter if it is persistently or due to neglect. Family, Federal and State court laws undertake the protection of the abused children.
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Child Molestation : Child Molestation is the sexual assault of a minor or, sexual activity between a minor and an older person in which the main location of the older person is used to force or exploit the younger. Child abuse includes:

  • Physical abuse: - Physical abuse is the physical injury to a child. The abuser is usually a family member or other caretaker and is more likely to be male.
  • Sexual abuse: - Sexual Abuse is child sexual abuse as any movement with a child, before the age of legal permission, which is for the sexual indulgence of an adult.
  • Emotional abuse and neglect: - Emotional abuse is the rejecting, ignoring, criticizing, of children.
  • The abusers can be parents or other family members, caretakers. For Expert consultation on Child Molestation law you can, take advice from Child Molestation lawyer or Child Molestation Attorney in your area.

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