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Child Support Law

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Child Support Law

Responsibilities and duties do not end with the dissolution of marriage or say divorce. Your ex-partner is still obligated with both of your child’s support. Child supports accounts for the financial support from the partner who does not reside with the child. The money is paid for food, clothing and other necessities of the dependent child. Even after divorce, Child support or Child Maintenance is mandatory and an imposed compulsion for the guardians.
It is a form of payment from one spouse to another for support of the children after a divorce or separation. Usually, child support payment made until child turns 18 years old, unless the child is still a full-time student. The child support can be continued until the child turns 21 years old, if the child is full-time student. Child support cannot be treated as income by the receiving parent or as a tax deduction by the paying parent. The method takes into consideration custody arrangements, how much parenting time each parent has, the income of the parents, the total number of children, unusual medical expenses, day care expenses, and insurance, among other factors.
It is called the"basic" support amount, which can be adjusted by the court based on several unusual items. There are child support enforcement divisions in many states, which can help get child support by bringing proceedings in court to get child support orders, locating deadbeat parents and getting their income and employment information. Get legal help on Child Support Recovery, Collection, and Payment.
End of Child Support Payment
Child support will terminate until the child reach the age of majority, however if the child is in college, in which case the parent is still obligated, or if the child has been declared liberated by a court. Child Support can also be terminated if a Parental Rights and responsibilities are terminated, for instance, the child is adopted by someone else.
Child Support Payment
Usually, the no custodial parent pays child support, as having custody fulfills the custodial parents obligations and responsibilities. This doesn’t mean that a mother would not have to pay child support to a father who has custody – the mother has the same duty as the father would if he didn’t have sole custody. Additionally, an unmarried father – who is recognized as the biological father – will also be responsible for paying child support.
Child support or child maintenance is the ongoing obligation for a periodic payment made by a non-custodial parent to a custodial parent, caregiver or guardian, for the care and support of children of a relationship or marriage that has been terminated. For Expert consultation on Child support you can, take advice from Child support Lawyer or Child support Attorney in your area.

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