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Single Parents/ Father Rights Law

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Single Parents/ Father’s right on the child custody has always been a complex phenomenon. In compliance with the statistics, after divorce mostly mothers are given the custody of a child and gradually lose value in their child’s eyes. The custody of the children for fathers should be as valid as for mothers. However, this is the custody with the mothers is imposed and applied to mothers with the survey which says that many fathers give dollars to their kids as care in kind. In addition, it has become unfairness to those fathers, who believe to give real love and care and not its substitutes.

Single Parents is a parent who cares for children without the aid of another person in the home. Single parent concept ignores the addition of child support to the household income. No person who obtains secondary income from child support can be considered a single parent. Single parenthood may occur as the result of many things. Often it is opted for by the parent (as in divorce, adoption, or extramarital pregnancy), and often it is an unforeseeable occurrence. For Expert consultation on Father Right law you can, take advice from Father Right lawyer or Father Right Attorney in your area.

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