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The legal aid/legal sevice aims at providing, assistance to the people, who are unable to afford have legal procedures and demonstrations in order to receive justice for their rights and claims; and cannot access to the court system. It is a legal and official procedure provided to them, as a central figure, indeed a noble one, in order to provide them justice for their equality of their rights and remedies under the law as well as offering them the right to counsel and right to a fair trial. There are facilities provided along with it, like duty lawyers, community legal clinics and even the payment of lawyers dealing in cases for those, who are entitled to legal aid.

Legal Aid involve giving free legal services to the poor and needy who cannot afford the services of a lawyer for the conduct of a case or a legal happening in any court, tribunal or before an authority. These are not-for-profit law offices that give certain types of free legal help to people who cannot afford to pay a lawyer.

Free Legal aid to help people:
•    People who could or else not have enough money access to the legal system.
•    Solve problems that contribute to social exclusion.
•    Providing people entitled to welfare provisions, such as social housing, with access to legal advice and the courts.
•    protect their basic rights and get a fair hearing.
•    contact the court procedure to arrange out disputes.

Legal aid is consider as center in provide access to justice by ensuring equality before the law, the right to advice and the right to a reasonable assessment. Legal aid is the Sometimes you may have to pay a contribution and you have to repay the costs on receipt of money or property from a settlement.

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