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Birth Injury Law

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A Birth Injury can be any type of damage or injury afflicted to a baby before, during or slightly after the childs birth.  A birth injury to a baby can occur due to the baby’s size or the position during labor and delivery. One major cause of birth injuries is oxygen deprivation, which commonly occurs when the umbilical cord is compressed and/or twisted in the birth process. The other main cause is mechanical trauma which may occur when the baby assumes an unusual position at the time of birth.

Some red flags during pregnancy or birth are: Excessive bleeding, Long labor, Breech, Fetal distress, Excessive water retention and weight gain .Birth injuries that occur during labor or delivery are: Seizures,Meconium aspiration,Fetal distress,Excessive bleeding,Fever,Brachial plexus,Cerebral palsy - brain damage,Shoulder dystocia.For Expert consultation on Birth Injury Law you can, take advice from Birth Injury Lawyer or Birth Injury Attorney in your area.

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